Home Health Care CAHPS (HHCAHPS)

Patient satisfaction survey data collection and analysis for Home Health Agencies

Home Health Care CAHPS FAQ:

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What is HHCAHPS?

Home Health Care Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HHCAHPS) is a standardized survey for adult patients' experience with care and services from Medicare certified home health care agencies.

HHCAHPS has been developed by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Systems (CMS), the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and the United States Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). It is a patients’ experience survey, created to assess healthcare quality and report findings nationwide. Participation is required by Medicare.

The initiative aims to create an objective and meaningful comparison between home health care providers on attributes important for the consumers. The reporting aims to stimulate service quality improvement as well as quality transparency and public accountability in health care.

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How can our home health agency use HHCAHPS surveys and Alexandria Marketing Research Group’s services to improve our agency’s quality of service?

  • Build a deeper understanding and knowledge about your patients’ satisfaction attributes.
  • Find out what your strengths are, according to your patients’ beliefs. Emphasize and advertise these strengths.
  • Our analysis of your surveys’ results will pinpoint for you the areas, on which you need to work. Efforts in these areas will result in improvement of your agency’s quality of care, the patients’ satisfaction, and consequently your agency’s image and profitability.
  • Continuous evaluation of your agency provides you with the trend of your quality development and assessment of your improvement strategy.
  • Gain a benchmark insight into your industry. Find out how your agency is performing in comparison to the US market, evaluate your positioning, and build your strategy accordingly.

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What are our agency’s benefits from choosing Alexandria Marketing Research Group?

  • Valuable information allows you to manage your business more effectively and attain competitive advantage because we do not stop at providing you the raw result but also prepare PowerPoint presentation containing your data analysis.
  • After thorough statistical processing we provide you with timely analytical quarterly and annual reports. Thus first you acquire the important information and know more than anyone else about your home healthcare quality and your opportunities for improvement. This allows you time to react correctively as well as preventively.
  • You receive competitive and reliable quality service because our scholars, who have specialized in marketing research for the past 20 years, possess practical knowledge and scholarly understanding of the statistical research tools. Moreover, they have gained extensive experience with CAHPS surveys during the past 3 years.
  • You receive competitive price, security, and long term commitment. We guarantee stable pricing structure. Once quoted, we will not increase the price for performing your HHCAHPS surveys in a period of 3 years, except for changes, resulting from increase in postage costs.
  • You receive services that better fit your home health agency because we can customize the instruments for your needs.
  • We are available for on site visits: consultations, presentations, and help any time you need us. You have a question, request, or a problem – call us! We are always there for your help and will respond to your needs in a timely manner. We value your time!
  • We achieve highest service quality. We strictly follow not only the AHRQ guidelines but as members of the American Marketing Association and the American Society for Quality we also abide by their quality principles and codes of ethics.

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Does our home health agency have to participate in the HHCAHPS survey initiative?

Every Medicare certified home health agency is required to participate in the survey initiative and publicly report its findings. If your agency is not Medicare certified, and if you would like to profit from the described HHCAHPS benefits we will help you and perform HHCAHPS surveys for you.

Medicare-certified home health agencies with fewer than 60 eligible, unduplicated Medicare or Medicaid patients for the time period of April 1, 2009 through March 31, 2010 would be exempt from conducting the HHCAHPS Survey for the annual payment update in CY 2012. Information about eligibility and how to apply for an exemption can be found at the HHCAHPS website.

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When does our home health agency have to start participating in the HHCAHPS initiative?

Home health agencies will be required by the US Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality to have an approved vendor – such as Alexandria Marketing Research Group, conducting HHCAHPS surveys for them and reporting their results.

The process of administering HHCAPS surveys will start with a dry run, in which home health agencies are required to participate. The dry-run will be conducted in the third quarter of 2010. Starting October 2010, agencies have to begin continuously data collection of the home healthcare CAHPS survey. Reporting results publicly by CMS will begin with the data from the forth quarter of 2010. Non-compliance stipulations on CMS payments to the healthcare agencies will begin in 2012.

Get to know your agency and patients better. Improve your quality assurance now and enjoy higher patients’ satisfaction tomorrow, which will improve your agency’s HHCAHPS survey reports.

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Who can conduct the HHCAHPS survey?

Only approved vendors such as Alexandria Marketing Research Group can conduct the survey. The home health agencies are not allowed to conduct HHCAHPS surveys in-house.

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How is the HHCAHPS survey conducted: instrument and method?

The survey covers the perceptions about: access to care, communications, interactions with the agency and its staff, overall rating of the agency, and willingness to recommend it to family and friends.
The AHRQ has established three methods for conduction the survey: direct mail only, by phone, or a mix of the two. Alexandria Marketing Research Group recommends the direct mail only method. That is because we believe this method provides more unbiased responses as respondents have more time to think while they are filling out the survey.

The questionnaire is sent to randomly selected sample of the patients or to a census of all patients. It measures the period of the last two months. To be surveyed patients must have been visited at least twice during these two measurable months. Moreover, once patients have been included in the sample, they cannot be sampled within the next 5 months.

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Which patients are exempt from participating in HHCAHPS surveys?

The following groups are excluded from the sample for the survey:

  • Under the age of 18;
  • Deceased;
  • Have received hospice care;
  • Have received routine maternity care only;
  • Have requested that their names are not released to anyone; or
  • Patients for whom Medicare and Medicaid have not paid.

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What are our agency’s responsibilities when Alexandria Marketing Research Group performs our HHCAHPS surveys?

Leave everything to us – you only submit your agency’s monthly visits. Let us help you! We do more than just fulfill the requirements. We provide you with a tool for success.

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What does Alexandria Marketing Research Group provides for us?

  • We build and maintain a quality assurance plan,
  • We prepare the sample and distribute the HHCAHPS survey,
  • We gather and analyze the survey data,
  • We provide you with timely quarterly and annual reports with analysis in PowePoint presentation of the data results,
  • We submit your results on the national level.

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How many responses from HHCAHPS surveys do we need to be able to publicly report our findings?

For statistical precision AHRQ has set a target minimum of 300 completed HHCAHPS surveys over each 12-month reporting period. This is equivalent to an average of 25 completed surveys per month. There are circumstances in which the size of the home health agency will not permit surveying a sufficient number of patients to yield 300 complete responses. In this case the full census of eligible patients should be surveyed.

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What response rate does Alexandria Marketing Research Group expect with HHCAHPS surveys?

Our experience with conducting HCAHPS surveys and other surveys in the healthcare field indicate an expected response rate between 25% and 40%. We achieve this through high professionalism and very clean and clinical design of our survey packages. Request a sample package sent to you to see how we are going to do your HHCAHPS surveys.

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How can our home health agency get a quote from Alexandria Marketing Research Group for conducting our HHCAHPS surveys?

It is simple, fast, and easy! Give us a call at 888.420.8884 or or fill out our contact form and we will provide you with a competitive quote.

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How can I contact Alexandria Marketing?

Call us at 888.420.8884 between 8 am and 5pm CST or fill out our contact form.

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