How can marketing research help you improve your return on investment in your industry?


The Alexandria Marketing Research Group is a multi-disciplined team from academia and industry that seeks to provide a link between proven theory and practical application of strategic, tactical, and operational research tools.

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A critical key to a business' success is objective, pragmatic marketing research that crosses multiple disciplines. Companies today need accurate, concise marketing information in order to stay competitive and succeed. We use the power of historical data, sampling, modeling and technology to improve market effectiveness resulting in higher return on investment (ROI). Our team focuses on matching internal business strengths to external market opportunities, while moving internal weaknesses to strengths. In short, The knowledge of the Past Coupled with the Technology of the Future to make Decisions Today can make the difference between anticipating the customer's needs and overlooking them.

Our organization and philosophy is built on the understanding and mastery of the science of marketing by individuals with a wealth of experience and knowledge. We have placed the qualifications and background information of our key personnel for your online viewing.

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