(data collection and analysis)

The Clinician & Group Survey is a part of the A-CAHPS surveys family and aims to assess patients' experience in healthcare.

Alexandria Marketing Research Group can help you in starting and maintaining this measurement process. The use of CG-CAHPS survey provides an insight into the patient's perception of the provided care. This measurement of the real quality characteristics in the patient's mind can be used to develop strategic plan for quality improvement. As quality improvements are accomplished and recognized by the patients, the clinic practice will prosper in keeping its current patients and attracting new patients.

Structure of CG-CAHPS survey:

  • Common core across all versions
    – Assures standardization
    – Promotes benchmarking
  • CG-CAHPS survey measures and evaluates 4 core areas:
    – Getting Appointments and Health Care When Needed
    – How People Rated Doctor
    – How Well Doctors Communicate
    – Courteous and Helpful Office Staff
  • CG-CAHPS survey provides supplemental items in:
    – Adult primary care
    – Child primary care
    – Adult specialty care

Features of the CG-CAHPS survey:

  • Standardized and scientifically sound measurement of the patient's perspective
  • Tools for patients to aid their decision making
  • Feedback from patients is a powerful motivator for clinicians' quality improvement and furtherance of their patient-centered care
  • Specific areas showing room for improvement
    – Scheduling and access
    – Coordinating care
    – Interpersonal skills
  • The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) is the largest of 24 medical specialty boards that certify physicians and is the first board to make the CG-CAHPS survey and option for Part IV of Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirements. Physicians receive initial certification and then are re-certified every 10 years.
  • CG-CAHPS survey will support assessment of physician communication and interpersonal skills
  • CG-CAHPS survey is part of Communication Practice Improvement Modules (PIM).

Source : Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. June16, 2008.

Benefits of using Alexandria's CG-CAHPS survey research

Our valuable information analysis and methods allow you to:

  • Manage your business more effectively, improve your service quality and operations, attain competitive advantage and be a winner
  • Better understand and communicate with your employees, your patients, and your market
  • Receive valuable and presentable information analysis in frequent interactive analytical reports
  • Have your information presentable and easy to use at meetings, presentations, and discussions
  • Achieve between 25% and 40% response rate to be able to report your services’ quality levels to the community
  • Save time and resources when the internal quality and data processing departments’ workload is reduced
  • Receive competitive quality service with a competitive price, security, and long term commitment.
  • Improve your organization and achieve and hold high quality standards for your organization

Let us help you improve your service and operations quality through CG-CAHPS survey data collection and analysis. For more information about Alexandria or to receive a quote contact us. We will come to your door when you need us for a presentation or a consultation.

Additional information on CGCAHPS survey research you can find at the website of the Agency for Healthcare Research and quality -

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