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Advertising Effectiveness Analysis

Optimizing Advertising through Research

The purpose of all advertising is to increase awareness of a particular service or tangible product. The increase in awareness will increase the probability that the customer will include your brand in the set of products to be evaluated in their purchase process information search. The purpose of testing the advertising message is to identify perceptions that a sample of customers may hold either negative or positive. With this information the advertising agency or manager can make changes to the promotion before the advertisement is presented to the target audience. There are two costs of concern to the advertising executive. First, the cost of the advertisement in the form of raw dollars spent for the advertisement, and second, the cost of presenting a bad image through a confusing, inappropriate, or non-stimulating message, to the target audience.

Advertising effectiveness can be measured by testing the product or service awareness of the target audience before and after the advertising campaign. This method of testing will determine the degree of "Top of Mind" awareness of the target customer, attributable to the advertising message.

Measurement of advertising in a controlled environment can identify the recognition and recall impact on selected focus groups. The use of focus groups reduces the cost of paying for a completed advertising campaign and allows for corrections to the campaign before exposure to the target audience. This form of advertising test will reduce the cost of an ineffective message.

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